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What will the charge on my credit card statement show up as? 

We bill as Natures Solution.

How soon will I see results with LipBloom? 

LipBloom is fast acting; it produces larger, fuller lips in just minutes! You will see noticeable enlargement results in as quickly as 30 days. Results will vary, but many people start to see a change in as little as five days. Most people have noticed their lips reach there fullest after 9-18 weeks after using of LipBloom.

How do I use LipBloom? 

LipBloom can be used anytime, whether you need plumper lips or you’re looking for enlargement results. Just rub a very small amount on your lips & let it absorb. Remember, it’s highly concentrated, so you don’t need much.

How big will my lips be after use of LipBloom? 

Though lip growth size varies with each individual user, increases will be significant enough for everyone to notice a difference. Most increases are one and a half to twice the size of the lip before usage. These results will last for up to 5 hours. Enlargement results last up to 180 days once your new size is achieved. You have absolute control over how large or full you want you lips with LipBloom. Every person desires a different shape, size, fullness and look. You can simply stop using LipBloom once you have reached your desired goal.

What will happen when I stop using LipBloom and are the results permanent? 

Your new lip size from LipBloom lasts for up to 180 days after usage. The natural collagen that was produced in your lips will slowly fade… as with collagen injections do...your lips will return to their original size. Can I use it again? Yes, once you see your size has gone down which usually takes about 90 days, simply start using the gel again. You can use it as often as you like to enlarge your lips.

Does LipBloom come with a guarantee? 

Yes. Customer satisfaction and confidence in LipBloom is very important to us. LipBloom comes with a 90 day satisfaction FREE product guarantee to ensure that LipBloom works for you.

Are my credit card details safe? 

Yes. Your security is guaranteed when you shop with us.

Providing a safe, secure and efficient shopping experience is very important to us. Our secure server is digitally encrypted to ensure that your credit card details are safe and protected.

Your information is deleted from our computer files immediately after transaction and no details are added to mailing lists, sold, hired or given to any third party.

When will I receive my order, and do you accept international orders? 

Yes, we ship all over the world. All orders are processed and dispatched promptly (the same day or the next business day after we receive them). Shipping in the USA usually takes 3-5 business days. International shipments take 8-12 days. We ship all orders by USPS.

Do you ship discreetly? 

Yes. Your shipping privacy is very important to us. We understand the sensitive nature of this product and respect your need for confidential purchasing and shipping. All packages are shipped discreetly with no mention of the product.

Is LipBloom safe? 

Yes. The ingredients are all natural. LipBloom is safe to use with no harmful side effects.

Can I use Lipbloom products if I have collagen injections? 

Yes. The body has a natural mechanism to break down collagen which is why women have to undergo the painful injections every six months. LipBloom will not only help slow this process, but will make your lips even fuller without any pain or discomfort!

Can I use too much of LipBloom? 

No, but we recommend that you use LipBloom at least twice daily for best results, LipBloom is safe to use whenever desired..

How does LipBloom slow the aging process? 

As we age, our lips start to thin naturally because of collagen loss. LipBloom will help protect your lips from this thinning process by increasing collagen production. Collagen is found in great abundance in young skin. Over time, pollutants and sunlight destroy Collagen. LipBloom will protect lips from UV and free radical damage, and help regenerate the collagen you have lost.

Is it normal for my lips to TINGLE when I apply the LipBloom? 

The tingling sensation is normal. When you apply LipBloom, the blood flow is increased to your lips. Not to worry, this is not an adverse reaction. This is completely normal (and let's you know it is working).

Will the LipBloom irritate or burn my lips? 

No, LipBloom formula does not burn or cause any painful reaction. LipBloom is formulated to soothe, plump and hydrate lips.

Can I use LipBloom over the top of my lipstick? 

No. Your lipstick forms a barrier for LipBloom. You will see results much more quickly by applying LipBloom before you apply your lipstick.

Can LipBloom products be used at any age? 

Yes. Women & men of all ages can use LipBloom.

What if I have questions? 

Feel free to contact one of our professional LipBloom consultants anytime; we welcome all your questions and comments. Simply use the contact us link at the top of this web site and we will gladly address your questions and/or concerns. All inquiries are answered same day or within the hour. Customer service is our highest priority.